About me

My name is Andra and I been in love with pottery for more than 24 years.

I first started playing with clay after my first day of school. The small town where I grew up had a tradition for every child starting school. The class teacher would take them to the local, free after-school centre and introduce them to all the activities available. When I saw the pottery wheel for the first time, I was mesmerized. My tour stopped at the pottery studio and I went back there every day after school for the next 12 years.

During that time I also became an apprentice and worked with a few local potters in Horezu learning from them how the humble clay gets elevated to fine dining dishes.

Through the after-school centre I got the chance to participate in a few national exhibitions, international festivals and a lot of pottery competitions around the country. I will always cherries my time there, the effort and time put in by my teacher, the way she would always struggle to teach me though I was left handed while she was right handed.

My first pottery workshop was back in 2006 with a few friends back in Bucharest. Since then I have organised countless workshops in Romania and China both for children and adults. Now a new series of workshops will start in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.


Ma numesc Miloiu Andra si mi-a placut sa ma joc cu lutul inca din prima zi de scoala. Dupa 15 24 ani continui sa fac acelasi lucru, cu la fel de multa pasiune.

Am invatat sa modelez la roata olarului la Clubul Copiilor din Horezu si mergand vara ca ucenic la ceramisti precum familia Tambrea, Vicsoreanu si Giubega.

La inceput, familia considera ca va fi o pasiune trecatoare care se va pierde cu timpul, dar imi doresc sa o continui si daca se poate, sa trezesc curiozitatea a cat mai multor persoane atrase la randul lor de tainele lutului.

In prezent organizez cursuri de modelaj in lut pentru adulti si copii, sustin workshop-uri pentru diverse companii si colaborez cu scolile, gradinitele si afterschool-urile care doresc sa ofere o activitate extra-scolara deosebita elevilor lor in Anglia.