Workshops for adults

If you want to try and awake your potter’s spirit then come and have a go at our classes for adults.

Everyone is welcome. No matter what experience you have these classes are designed for small groups of 4 to 8 people who want to express their creativity or who want to play and try something new. Being a continuous class you can pop in at any time and try your hand at making a plate, a baby souvenir, a pendant for a loved one, a new breakfast bowl or just play with clay.

Rather than going through a well defined plan during these workshops, we’ll set individual goals and I will guide you through your muddy journey. Not to worry, at the beginning of the class there will be a short demonstration of the basic modeling techniques.

If you choose to come for 4 weeks or more, I will introduce subsequently different techniques and built up your potter’s skills.

One class lasts for 2 hours and includes all the materials needed in the class: clay, aprons, tools and some tea to keep us going.

£60 for 4 classes

£20 for 1 class.

Vouchers are available upon request. They are non refundable and non transferable.

For more information or to join us call 07847479947 or email



Pottery icons designed by Freepic from Flaticon.